Bobbi Kristina

A lesson to you parents…lead by example.

Children are great imitators. Give them something great to imitate!!


advice peleka hukooo na kuma niletee hapa

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She’s gone already!??? What a waste of sperm. Now who’s gonna live the legacy of Whitney Houston?

Hio family tree imesha tu hivyo???

Sad, sad, sad.

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What a tragedy,… too too many if only.

…but true

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@Wakanyama Shika kuma! Does it make you squeamish?

She was a drug addict. Mwiba wa kujidunga hauna pole

Uncalled for

That was my opinion.

Yea, but you are more likely to be a victim if you do hard drugs.

…as much as you may have a point, we have heard of preacher’s kids dying of worse habits…:slight_smile:

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Some mbish here is setting some example…at being a dirty-mouthed, downlow whore…just saying


hujafuata obeezy ethiopia mzae??

Hata huku Addis kuna net mburoo…

Sigh! So good examples=preachers?

@ CouchP an example of giving.i’m generous with what was freely given to me. You want some?

And this thread is for parents to their kids!

I think we should not be judge her as harshly as her parents… Imajin a situation where you are brought up surrounded by druggies who have the means to provide for their habits without having to get into crime, violence or prostitution and so life is like one long unending party.

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But people do change their bad habits/ way of life for their kids!

I would rather my kids learn those habits from someone else, not me.