Bob ConMeMore, Where is my 39K?

I was reviewing my MPesa history on the M-Ledger app, and noticed that over the past year, I have received a total of 403K. I have sent and withdrawn a total of 364K. Simple maths tell me that my MPesa balance should be 39K na upuss, but it is merely 13 bob.

Rombati, where is my 39K?


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Hizo ni pesa za UG ama?

have you factored in how much you bought as credit and paid bills with on lipa na mpesa. Are those included in the “sent” category?

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have you considered charges? charges constitute 20 to 30% of the money that you sending. that how they are getting their billions

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Which App are you using? Safcom Selfcare?

Yea, those are in the sent category except transaction charges.

Kumbe nimewapea 39k+ on mpesa, excluding airtime? Harafu wanipee divided ya 2k? Wezi hawa.


kweli hii wizi, alafu unapewa 2k

terms and conditions apply


Hio ni ngani?

RobberTi is the ideal name.

I use mpesa when its extremely urgent and its a matter of life and death. I prefer equity agent, that how i do ma biz, waiting for Equitel to launch their platform then i will be all in they will cut costs by 60%.

Safaricom will never let you be aware of the percentages that you pay in terms of charges, kwanza mshwari is a shy-locking biz gone legit as they charge upto 50% kwanza if you fail to pay on time


Sent + Withdrawn + charges. Fanya hesabu vizuri

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Hmmmmph, ok, I thought guys were joking but this is vintage Jakenya, always complaining about everything not working for him.WTF!

Very true. Kwanza this Lipa na mpesa thing is crazy. They take 1.5% of the amount you receive, and they charge you to withdraw it at the usual mpesa charges.

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Jakenya had issues with his Techno and coop bank, not mpesa.

I see Safaricom growing into an amorphous octopus…security, web design, money transfer, calls (core business), internet, mobile money. Coming soon- Safaricom Rice, Safaricom Spark plugs, Safaricom Curry powder and low-fat ice cream…give Nakumatt blue label something to think about.

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True lakini Nakumatt ni too much… hata junk food n they position their items strategically at a lower price

Safaricon oxygen tanks for hospitals, hehe.