Bob collymore is the only corporate bigwig who believed in Eric after his viral nude stunt in Turkana in 2018

From twirra…

Guys who think outside the box. Kenyans are always trigger happy online… Ready to shoot down all and everything. I wish we could go back to those days internet was only available kwa cyber… Too many crap filled individual with access nowadays.

Hii ndio shida ya technological advancements i guess we have to take the good with the bad.

Bob seems to have been a mans man.

You mean he…
Never mind.

Speak your mind admin

Or train ourselves how to live comfortably with it.

Hii kenya imejaa moral police. Ati sijui gambling ni mbaya na zile scratch to win have been around since I was a kid. Then it was not an issue but now it has suddenly become an issue. We have a bunch of orangutans in bunge who are stuck in the stone ages hindering Kenya’s progress.

What was that so-called viral stunt about? Au ni ile aliens duf mpararo?


That is not progress it is societal decay. Call me what you’ll like but I hope when older you’ll look back and say those fossils did good. We should be encouraging youth to save, not to fuliza only to lose the money in a gamble.

Hawa ma young bloods hunikera saa zingine.

Actually, you are the orangutan if you can’t tell that unregulated gambling is destroying Kenyan lives…

It’s just ferking unbelievable. Sijui kama ni my famed low baboon IQ manenos ama ni vile hawajatembea hii ulimwengu. NOT A SINGLE DEVELOPED COUNTRY CAN ALLOW THE GAMBLING SHIT THAT’S HAPPENING IN KENYA TODAY, AND THEN YOU SEE COMMENTS LIKE THIS…it almost makes you get depressed I tell you.

Sooner or later They will have to learn the hardway

lakini si ilisemekana 90% of talkers wanafanya kwa cyber. haha

There is regulation and just stupidity. A minimum of 50ksh bet is a good regulation. Hii ingine wanatuletea ati if you place a bet on your phone it is illegal na ingine ati 10% tax on 100 ksh plus another tax on winnings is just foolish.

Betting is a massive industry that is used to support sports. Instead of that happening those taxes are being diverted to pay loans because of the goverment over borrowing.

That will consequently kill any sponsorship deals and the corresponding sport. The revenues will also dwindle since people will seek alternatives. It might not be immediate since the majority of punters are the poor and are probay not aware of other options outside of Kenya but you can expect a majority of those who do will move.

Where does that leave the government?

we have countries where peasants bet a few coins on cock fights, frog races, turtle/tortoise races.
some rich folks bet on men fighting to the death.
humans will bet/gamble on anything.
you cannot regulate betting just for the sake. alafu if you examine the laws, you realize govt people are jealous they are not in the action.
if Gathecha had shares in sports betting companies, would Matiang’i be frothing at the mouth vile betting ni ushetani?
there is so much ill to tackle before betting firms.

Sin tax is used to discourage a vice or hobby but has adverse effects. What happens in those mobile phones is stuff for a 1001 ways to die. Mind you this betting outfits are unofficial multinational foreign investments.

You still have to mention your tribal leader everywhere?