Boarding School Tragedies

The recent fatal fire tragedies in our boarding secondary schools have come to expose our soft underbelly regarding the negligent parenting that is prevalent in our country today.

Let me state that i have always looked at boarding schools popularlity in kenya with a lot of contempt. This is because i know many parents today happily take their children to boarding schools just to relieve themselves of the daily responsibility looking after their children. That is why boarding school age is getting ever younger. Again i find this to be a poor mans mentality. In many affluent families i have observed, kids are schooled in day schools and given responsibilities of working and learning at the family businesses especially over the weekends and holidays. Naturally they come out as leaders in future with confidence to boot. The poor mans child who is looked at as a headache at home is left to rot in boarding school and even on holidays is sent for extra tuition.

The popularlity has seen mushrooming of boarding schools with poor safety standards like the recent stepjoy school where students were sleeping on triple deckers. Can you imagine the population.


Imagine some parents are taking a kid as young as 6yrs to a boarding school. We are becoming lazy parents.


Competition for kids to get good marks ,ni hayo tu.

That ain’t competition bro…its just lazyness from the parents. Especially if the child is forced to attend one unlike my friend @ol monk who insisted. I too had to insist to my folks to take me to boarding school.

@Dunya I totally agree with you. It is indeed a poor mans mentality. …hizi shida zote occurs at these cheap cheap boarding schools.

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I also begged and cried for many nights to be enrolled in one… Day school to me was synonymous to early pregnancy so I had to throw tantrums. Un/fortunately I ended up in a normal boarding school while my siblings ended up in RVA…

Today the difference is clear… I’m hardy, a go getter quite the opposite for my siblings

Na vile nilikuwa nimechukia shule wengine walikuwa wanalia wapelekwe hadi boarding kwani wazazi wenu walikuwa wabaya aje ndio mtake kuwatoroka? Mimi hakuna mtoto yangu atakaona boarding…yote na lelea nyumbani hadi wapate id

RVA ndio gani?

Rift Valley Academy

I know what you are saying …my kids lazima wapitie a public school once in their school life na waende na public transport

To have a better feel of real life

Yenye hakuna pampering , Sio kila saa expensive school buses to school …public transport is good sometimes

Or having expensive gadgets at school , they cant stay bilaz

Are you a sister to @FieldMarshal CouchP ?

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Many of these parents you find are highly paid employees in government or private sector. Their employee mentality reduces them to poor

My parents did not take me to a boarding school juu niliwaambia wakinipeleka tu huko naanza kuvuta bangi ama nahepa. Somehow I went to a day school mpaka nikatinga form four. One day inshallah, nikimek watoi wangu they will never kanyanga a boarding school.

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Ulienda shule gani mtuangu?

Jahmu high - effort unending

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Hehe nilijua tu wewe ni mangaa wa huko