BMW Series 7 Remote Parking...

@ochithunder yako inaweza hivi???


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Birrionaire niachie io xtrail ununue hii ?

Just that? You can instrument a regular auto car to behave like that with cheap material.

Nothing zpecial here infact the remote is slow and so.etimes not responsive

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So ile toyora passo yangu itawesa hii kweli

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Let’s see how your pijot 504 does with the cheap material


:):slight_smile: Partly. I have parking assist but not fully automated like this. In mine you select park assist, drive along the street you want to park in, it detects a space suitable for the car. Asks you to stop and release the steering, then guides you by asking for reverse or drive gear as it maneuvers the steering automatically into the parking spot.

May be when I get the next upgrade ill pick one with this keyfob remote parking.


:eek: na ikashikwa na virus?how would it go about parking itself

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swafi birrionare. There was a time you put a pic of a foldable bike. Do you still have it and how is it so far? Mbicha pia if you still got them.

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Mark X also has auto parking. ngoja nitafute video …

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Kush wewe unaweza toshea ndani ya Fiat Passo kweli?

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Try to check here they have a lot of units that has the specs that you are looking for.

Die, robot.


In all 2017?? Wasn’t this demonstrated in 2015 for the intro of the 2016 models? Currently even the 5 series have this feature.

we have mobious 2

Bike iko though I don’t ride it much not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t get time. Ill take a better photo evening. I am thinking of getting one with 26" wheels if that is the largest size available for bikes.

You see, I got quite interested in being able to repair the car myself so got into self education on BMW diagnostic tools. In the last months I have learnt a lot about such tools like INPA, NCSexpert, tool32, WinKFP, Rheingold ISTA+ and Rheingold ISTAP. I can now do my own diagnosis, repair and software upgrades (silly I know, that a car needs regular software upgrades:)) With time my friends have come to learn this so I become a mini garage in my free time!

I acquired an ICOM, ENET cable and K+DCAN cable. I can basically diagnose any BMW from the 1980s to the current G series!


You can see me very busy at work, wheels out, discs out. My discs had developed serious brake judder. This 1.8ton contraption needs excellent brakes. Out with the old, in with new discs, pads, wheel speed sensor and ABS sensor. Total worktime 2Hrs


Here I was hunting some superknock fault code. Never found the source of the problem but changed my plugs just because I had a spare set. I wanted to reach the knock sensors but it was too involving and usually when I open anything with a gasket, I replace that gasket… I did not have the intake manifold gasket so I chickened out. The superknock errors are intermittent, far between, sometimes I can go weeks without them. When they occur you feel a very slight hesitation at around 3000rpm with throttle fully open for a micro second then it is gone. Most people would never even feel it since it feels like a locking up of the torque converter. I can however detect it simply because am usually very keen particularly when in the mood for post 200kph dashes on nice empty stretches of road

The bike is in the background. Here I was hunting down a rat that had nested behind the grill next to the night vision camera. I had smelled something funny, looking in I saw a nest like structure. Hunting this was a two day mission. Removing this grill was hell and I could not find a proper DIY guide… Nest removed, rat traps now all over the garage to prevent this happening again. Got an exterminator to treat the compound. Why they choose this car and leave all others I would never know!

[ATTACH=full]126815[/ATTACH]All put back together, new discs, no rats, ready to go.


Tena vipoa sana baba ochi

Uko poa nani!

Very nice.
Serious people drive straight 6s.

Niuzie jalopy yako nipeleke concours d’elegance