Bmw for sale

For 1.2 million you get yourself this lovely 735[ATTACH=full]136720[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]136720[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]136722[/ATTACH]

Imemshinda mwenyewe kwani?

Wee mtu wa carwash, kwani unaosha gari ukiuza ?

Kwa hiki kijiji tunatambua BMW moja tu…ile ya @ochithunder.

Wueeh!!! 7-series at 1.2M!? labda engine ni 1-NZ-fe ile ya probox…BMW 7 series is meant to match the mercedes S-class (3 series=c-class, 5 series=E-class)…I doubt if u can get a used S 350 or S 550 with less than 3M

A good car, the price is low because it attracts few buyers, those who can afford to fuel and maintain such a luxury car would rather buy a brand new.

OK… Weka Picha ya spare wheel…

If I had the money I wouldn’t event think twice.

too bad ulipatia @Female Perspective zote in exchange for carnal services…

I hear uhuru has one too

This heap is on OLX…