BMW F30 or Mercedes W204?

Wakubwa, Which is the better car for a bachelor?

Mercedes vitz

C class is for gheos. If you cannot afford a mercedes e class just buy a toyota crown or something similar.

Unataka kulinganisha toyochieth na stuttgurt machine my frend? Are u normal ama bado pombe ya jana haijaisha?

KTM 450 exc najua si gari

si lazma uwe na gari kubwa bana. I realized a nice car puts a target on your back for the worst kind of gold diggers to target. your life will be crap filled with low quality women.

c class 2012 onwards ni gari swafi sana. kwanza interior ni kama tu e class

C class iko na umama flani,

:smiley: wacha utiaji

Hehehe true dat

Wachana na C class tafuta hii a class

2m kununua vitz? Why are you misleading the man?

You havent driven a crown…

That a high maintenance thing compared to C class. Some of these cars double your monthly budget. When cars become that big you go diesel.

gari za Germany ziliisha after 1997. ile kitu imebaki ni jina.hype. sifa. Mercedes ya 1992 itagonga 500000km, ya 2012 haitaweza. Mercedes ya siku izi itakupea jina lakini haitakupea ile assurance ya eti unaeza enda anywhere na io gari, na isikusumbue. haina weight mingi, so hauko assured ukienda speed ya juu utakua safe

F30 ,N55 with 8 speed ZF transmission, M Sport adaptive suspension , engage sport mode and enjoy the Bavarian machine… Melbourne Red iko sawa

Si u-ende to showroom ujionee features and decide. Very few people have driven BOTH. So hata ukiuliza advice kwa hizi forums you will always get a biased opinion. Enda ground uone gari kama uko serious.

If you are buying new with warranty and the likes, get the BMW if responsiveness and handling is your thing or the C-Class if class is your thing…second hand becomes dicy, I’d take the benz, the f30 has a lot of timing chain issues that are serious, European, American and Asian BMW forums have documented this, with cars with as low as 30k miles grenading their engines. Give the crown/Mark X a try, they give you German car performance with Toyota build quality and reliability. If you tame your right food, economy on the 2.5 liter V6 isn’t too shabby either

If you have to tame your right foot, steer clear of luxury sedans. :D:D

There is a style of driving I see on these streets.unnecessary pulls on estate roads, overtaking one vehicle on highway traffic, when there is a number and a lot of other antiques that are wasteful and sometimes unsafe. In the context of this thread, with any of the cars, don’t expect fielder level economy