BMW Cars....

I dropped off a pal at this Garage in Westlands off waiyaki way to…called Auto Bavaria or something and i could’nt help but notice the sheer numbers of BMW’s that are there for repair…granted that its a specialist BMW garage but …it got me thinking…are BMW’s generally jinxed???..who in this village here has had experience with the BMW models especially from 2006 and above…good or bad[ATTACH=full]7574[/ATTACH]

Picha ndio hii my friend alinitumia nisikuwe nomited for HOYA

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I have a buddy with a jag/land rover garage at industrial area and those are the cars they only repair. so you question is neither here nor there.Ama you expected probox Bavaria. Make me a sandwich lady.

The klost msalame was not this blonde.

wewe hukuelewa swali yangu…ulienda huko industrial area ukapata more than 30 landrovers zimeletwa all with issues

and other things as well

Ms. Msalame, if you go to Toyota Kenya, will you find Toyotas there awaiting repair?
If you go to the average garage in South B, will you find more BMW’s than other models?

However, in general, I find people expecting low service toyota costs in German cars which is rarely the case.

i could say the same for you as well

sigh i wont even try to explain things to you :cool:

it is not a dedicated BMW service center…the dedicated BMW service center ni Mashariki motors…na sikuuliza about mashariki motor…this was a specific question on newer BMW models from 2006 on…which ndio zilikuwa zimejaa hapa

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However, in general, I find people expecting low service toyota costs in German cars which is rarely the case.[/QUOTE]

now that u have edited and added this we can talk…yeah are these newer models of BMW’s unsuitable to our climate, or are the electronics too complex…or are our mech unable to diagonise them…or what si the problem?? or vile umesema these new buyers are giving the BMW the same poor service as one would give a toyota ndio shida inatokea

I have a Merc and i take it to some specialist garage in Lavington which deals in Mercs only…but its rare that while im there to find that many Mercs of a particular model and year all having the same issues

At least I know what not to get …

Says you…wacha ku derail post yangu…make your contribution about BMW’s or you read quietly

BMW is one of the best cars around. i hear they have a no roll policy i.e if you can roll a bmw they will pay you

Before i throw in my weight which car do you drive any way?That way i will gauge your understanding in automotive engneering my sister.

Phew thanks sweets at least wewe unanielewa…just coz im a woman and im asking a question on cars im being called a blonde…pshhhhh

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where is this written…evidence?? the same is said about a volvo but ni hekaya tu

@Purr_27 wewe BMW 1 series itakufaa sana its better than a golf…

:D:D You know how dudes are with their cars:) I want a C180 but my pals are kind of discouraging me at try a polo :frowning: