Blue pill society

Being raised by a blue pilled society can really ruin a man, these are guys who are taught that women should be handled with kid gloves, in the end they come out as needy and it becomes a huge turn-off

Summary ikuje


Gassing up basic bitches

Hehe. Na kwani huwa mnawaambia aje??

“Malaya leta kuma.”

“Malaya kuma haiwezi isha ikidinywa?”


Reality ni kwamba tukiingia hizo simu zenu the begging is phenomenal.

Life is too complex to label it with such superficial terms like “blue pill” or “red pill” toa hiyo incel shyt hapa

But I do agree that women shouldn’t be put on a pedestale, they shouldn’t be given the cold-shoulder everytime either, the trick is to treat them like normal human beings… Or is that too difficult for your feeble minds to comprehend?

The fucker will tap that arse then @chap changes narrative and coins him alpha! Wanaume waachwe wajitetee bana


Halafu aanze zile ujinga za, “Teach us how you do it oh master!”

Homosexual @T.Vercetti hold your peace

Chief Editor: Chap

I agree with you

Si uwekelee text zako tuone vile wewe hukatia miss mboch huko Zimmer.

“Agnes when you pass with a karai my heart skips a beat. Please come to my room apartment 64 on 3rd floor. I have cooked ng’ombe and bought chocolate. Yours truly @chap wa cyber.”

mahali ameanza kuitana “GYAL” ndio nimechoka na hiyo upuss.

fossil kumbe uko huku… @jerk M

This is a weakling of a man