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This is in response to @Quanstrom and @Female Perspective on yesterday’s Cyprian Nyakundi thread

Men must resist now.
Resist the urge to trade your hard-earned money for some free flesh. If you meet a woman who thinks that by the virtue of her being in love with you. I normally see women argue, “He is my man, he is having sex with me, so he must foot my bills. I need money to maintain my beauty that he admires so he must give me money. I need soap to wash my nunu well so he must give me money.” This nonsense should be coming to an end very soon. Why should a woman feel entitled to our hard-earned cash because of what is available naturally and freely?
If you are a man who still trades your money for pussy, consider yourself a fool and a disgrace to male fraternity.
They keep telling us what a man can do a woman can do better why don’t they then earn their own money better without meddling their flesh to us? Gender equality was meant to place equal opportunities to both genders so why must a slay queen trade her ass-flesh to you?
If a woman comes in the name of you must prove your love to her by financing her life, let her go. Get a real woman with her own class, not a prostitute hiding under the holy name of love. These same women use your money and later call you dogs? Men when will you ever learn?



#RESIST the slayqueen and feminazi .


Boss Uliacha kutafuta wasichana kwa Craigslist na kulipa 1k??? Ama thao Sio hard earned cash???

One way or the other hiyo kitu utalipia tu. Unfortunately even your wife’s

Kuma za bure ni mingi Elwak, huko ngamia ni kibao za kukamua

naskia ulifungua @MISCHIEF mukia

@uncle nyap Kujia mkia kiraka umejipa

@culture lipia coomer

Nyakundi toa abakungu abu ribaga batosaere bana…

Wakazie ka biker

He knows it so sijui why he thinks there is an escape. If you want quality you have to pay for it.