Is there any endeavour in this world that blows money as fast as chasing pussy? In this month alone Ive spent almost KShs 20,000 with one unsuccessful venture just yesterday. Maina Kageni wa hii site ako wapi? ili atoe mawaidha ya '‘I NEED A WHISKEY’'lol…and on tht juncture I live u wth ths quote “Sometimes you look back at girls you spent money on rather than send it to your mum & you realise witchcraft is real” - Robert Mugabe, 1984

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Hiyo yenye unatumia 20k ukitafuta, how is it different from ile ya huko downtown ya soo tatu…tafakari hayo.

Am I the only one who looks at the content of a post and then stops reading in the middle and look at the handle and realise…aaaah kumbe its the guy known as pato??


20k chasing pussy for a month? watu wana shida, get wealth, live the good life, pussy will come,

wee black templar,! kwani nilkula mke wako? unanichokoza sana

hio 20k sio mtu mmoja ni 4 different chics

you have to know that those chics will eventually prefer someone with solid stuff to show of, not necessarily one with a flashy lifestyle.:cool:

Sometimes you
look back at girls you spent money on
rather than send it to your mum &
you realise witchcraft is real… Wahenga

20k can buy me alot of pussy if i want. I cannot spend that on a wild goose chase. I dont put out a note to things that am not sure I am gonna DF. it is unholy to lose money like that. ni heri ata mimi niringe na nishow disineterest huntil she humbles down.

pato+hazard =

huntil she humbles down.

Hatleast we know where this is coming from :smiley:


Then say where i come from if you have known.


You gotit right. I thought ungesema kwenu. Thats a typo Grammar Nazi

Largest ive ever blown on pussy ni 5000

Is this the money you spend on bargaining for pussy or its what you spend hoping to get pussy as a reward? Coz if i was to spend that on buying the none removable beef then by now I would be hording it.

Hehe, kwani nyama ya mtu huitwa beef…

you mean hoarding. Right?

Yea hope it whets your ego