Blood Is Red

What happened? Did he chose a fight barehanded against a brawny member of the weasel family?

Masaibu ya University Way courtesy of that weasel Babu Owino. But the retribution? Hutaki kuona!!

So tuseme @pamba alipatikana

Must have been a bondostan missile

Police hana haki ~evil society

Is he okay

Hii tuliona mwaka gani?

Bondostan brutality

even if it happened 50 years ago ,was it fair then or is it fair now?

If it quacks like a duck we smell fake.

nothing is easier than self deceit,

Fake news, hii ni picha ya 2015 kwa ile demo ya Langata Primary when Arap Mashamba tried grabbing playground ya watoto



Btw did you get to see that it was not the police teargasing the kids. One of those activists picked up a canister and threw it into the crowd of kids.
Start at 1.40

So an activist came with his own rifle and fired the canister from it? The police were to ensure the safety of the kids and not lob teargas at them, it doesn’t matter if an activist threw one away, the smoke would have still affected them.

Actually he walked to where the pupil were gathered, dropped the canister and walked away.

In that whole video did you hear the blast of a gun? That tells you it was not launched from a gun. In any case the pin was removed and the canister dropped. Nobody in their right mind fires a canister directly into a crowd even during riots. They can kill.


Horus luv…unakuja ama unaenda…bado sijawai jua.

Why hasn’t any one spoken about alleged policemen raping UoN students?