Blonde Moment...



so angelipia chips 100 BOB she would have felt better?

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Batgainedy ni delicacy ya aina gani?:confused:


These are broke moments


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man siku hizi uliki meet a new girl bend rules kidogo usorore timeline yake

yenyewe, I wish they could have met michuki, pengine wangenunuliwa soda; it pisses me off that her highlight was the “chips” moment. did she even know what they went there to do? halafu hawa ndio wataitwa generation y in a few years at the work place

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What do you expect with the typical Kenyan scrounging mentality then we accuse our politicians of being corrupt.

Mkamba Na food! It had to be a Mutheu.

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Maybe we should call them Generation XXX.

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actually yeye ndiye mwenye madharau…hata haoni hiyo samo punda hapo kando ya chips na Quencher blackcurrant…

such expectations drive politicians to be corrupt bevause what Mutheu means is that Kalonzo is not a leader as if she knows his bank account and financial plans. If I am a politician o
and I call you for a meeting I know will benefit you (like in this case Mutheu os the youth not Kalonzo), I include in the in ite BYOL (bring your own lunch)

Understand bana. Kwao food…wacha tu!

…wacheni kugeuzia ‘Mclean’ ka’mellon’ ni ghamu period!

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Sijasema ni hekaya but hii ni hekaya. Hizo plates, hizo spoon za plastic, hiyo ketchup (not 2nd generation tomato sauce kwa mtungi ya njemison), na hata chipo zenyewe hazikai zimepikwa na mafuta ya transformer: 2 +2 ≠ 3