Blogging in Kenya

Hey Guys; I want to start a blog in kenya and I know few bloggers might be here, could anyone point me to a reliable website host? Pocket friendly? Thanks.

Kuna hostgator.


There are two that I’ve personally tried

  1. Hostinger…click here for more info
  2.…click here for more info
    I’ve been using interserver for a year now, currently hosting 2 websites. Everything works fine. Below is the email I received after making my first payment. I paid around 24 dollars for 6 months of hosting, which is kitu 400 bob per month, unlimited hosting.

I’ve also tried Hostgator and Godaddy before but didn’t like them. They’re always trying to upsell you some bullshit services that you don’t really need. Plus they sell you hosting at a cheap price the first month only to hike it from the second.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Godaddy ukiwa na issue they are always trying to sell you something. Mimi nikibonga nao first thing nasema ni “no promotional messages”

Washenzi sana. Kitu huwasaidia ni ati wako na dollars za kuspend kwa ads, lakini service provision wako chini sana. Hostgator pia kuna time walijaribu kuni-upsell plugin flani ya ku “protect your website against hackers” sahizo sijui inacost 150 dollars. Na wanaimek isound serious, ni kama nisipobuy website itakuwa hacked na niipoteze kabisa. Hivyo ndio nilicancel account. Sikuhizi wanashinda wakispam inbox yangu na offers ndio nirudi.

try, mimi hubuy domain godaddy and host it huko freehostia. The only limitation na free hosting hapo ni only 1 db and one ftp account, 6 domains and several subdomains, 3 email and some others

nunua host na namecheap. Around 2k/year for cheap hosting with unlimited bandwith. Domain chukua godaddy at around $1 first year. Then host wordpress yako

This is good… ebu leta link nione site yako moja.Thanks

Kuja inbox

Best option!