Blocking user from my wifi

Since I got a nokia 2 I have been using Faiba and everybody who knows me has had a taste of my sweet bundles thru wifi.
So the problem is that when I switch on my hotspot for a particular person I find like 5 devices are connected na I can not find an option for blocking these unwanted devices. If you know a way unaweza niokolea saana

Change your password, that is the first thing to do i know from my experience

I was surprised that Android One does not have an option to allow only select devices to connect. That would have been a nice extra layer of security.

But for now, yeah just change your password. Problem is those passwords are easily viewable if someone gets hold of you phone/pc that connects to the WiFi.

For me that is not a problem. The only time anyone would get complete unsupervised access to my phone/pc is if am unconscious or dead… in both cases WiFi passwords would be the least of my problems.

Nunua padlock…kwa mapadlock…

Habari za JF. Kuko vipi, kunatisha ama mambo shwari sasa?

Password bouss

Try kuweka only 1 device can connect or simply change password

Bado hapaeleweki maana thread na comments zinafutwa ovyo ovyo bila sababu ya msingi

kwani nokia 2 is running on android 1?

Kwani wameongezea admin kikaragosi wa jiwe kuwachunga sasa? Ama Melo kesha shikwa zile sehemu hatari…

Hiyo ni siri yake, maana tulimuuliza alisema mambo yako sawa ila ndio hivyo nyuzi zinafutwa ovyo ovyo

are you sure Nokia devices are part of Android one program ?

Yes, kwanza hizi kina 6.1, 7 plus, 8…

See 123’s response… Would take photo of the Android One logo on the back of the phone but that would require me to bend the phone to make that photo possible.

Unfortunately you can’t hide SSID on Android. Having a good password is the only option here.

You can on some brands like Samsung.

Kwani your wifi hotspot is shared without a password?

hauja fikiria unaweza kutumia kioo kufanya hivyo?, ati bend the phone?? :D:D:D

On android under “more” there is “allowed devices”

Yes but not all Nokia’s. You can visit the android one website to see the specific nokias