blocking sites on your PC

Villagers, how can I block FB, IG, and youtube on my PC?

tafuta mahali host file iko then add them there

Kila kitu iko kwa google, buda

just switch off the PC

exactly this!

OP na ujue haina extension lakini fungua in notepad++ or some other editor

Na je how can I block xvideo, PornHub na xxnx from my phone.

Using the hosts file will be an exercise in futility. Try and use this:

What is a Microsoft family group?

Use OpenDns family or check this list Porn Filters Compared: OpenDNS, Neustar, CleanBrowsing, Norton, Yandex and AdGuard | HackerNoon

Enda kwa browser settings uzinyoroshe huko. All browsers in ur PC

download extension inaitwa blocksite for chrome and firefox…

To block a particular browser, there are some plugins you can use. But to block the entire PC, the process is a bit lengthy.

See the full step by step process here:

Let me try on my phone

kutafuta bibi