Block chain technology

Recently, I heard our dear president Uhuru talking about using blockchain technology in a certain government department, like a pro. Can somebody explain to me like a twelve year old what this technology is?

in laymans terms, its just a distributed data storage , loosely put (not going into the clever stuff like transactions and tokens)its storing the same piece of information (at the same time), in multiple servers spanning multiple geographical location. when something changes on one server, the same change propagates to all other servers in the cluster/chain ring with serious audit trails

Ati ulisema wewe ni nderefa ya Msendes Benz?

Ngumu sana kuamini ati ni kigonyi , anyway what made @amun chose steering over IT .

As I said in another thread, a man can’t rely on a single career path

If I were to list every thing I do/have done and good at, I would be accused of having a fertile imagination :D:D


Ask yourself why an update on your Facebook account reflects allover the world real time even though facebook has many many servers.

That’s not blockchain