BLM Nominated For Noble Peace Prize For Fighting Racial Injustices. #FTP, #ACAB

When Black Lives Matter then ALL Lives Will Matter.

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[li]Petter Eide, a Norwegian politician, has nominated BLM for the annual prize[/li][li]Eide said he wanted the group recognized for raising awareness of racism[/li][li]He said that incidents of violence were vastly outnumbered by peaceful protest[/li][li]BLM, founded 2013, sprung into action this summer after George Floyd’s killing [/li][li]Fringe groups of agitators took advantage of the peaceful protests to riot[/li][li]Businesses and shops were burnt amid violent confrontations with police[/li][li]Nominations for the Prize must be in by Feb 1: the winner is announced October [/li][/ul]
Black Lives Matter has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of what the nominator said was BLM’s impact in raising awareness of racism worldwide.
Despite a turbulent summer in the United States following the death of George Floyd, which saw some BLM protests splinter into violent confrontation, the group was praised for forcing important conversations.

Petter Eide, the Norwegian parliamentarian who nominated BLM, dismissed questions about violence carried out in the movement’s name.

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