Blessed Sunday

Habari wanakijiji, leo nimekuwa church upcountry and I must say the way they conduct the service here is far much different from the city(Narobi). It is really quiet hakuna mbwembwe. Everything from preaching to singing to sadaka is kinda slow and nobody bothers with the other nobody, I even drifted away somewhere midway the sermon. All the same I still feel blessed.

After church nimerudi kwa boma straight just to make a follow up on a few miradi and check vile boma iko in general. I have been out here for almost a week and I love the serenity and quietness that is this place. Hakuna pollution kama ile ya city na kadhalika. Should be coming back to the city anytime now to start from where I stopped. Had enough time to reflect on the way forward after the ka small set back.

Anyways I don’t feel like boring you with a long sermon, so fellow talkers mujibambe ki afternoon vipoa. Stay blessed hata kama most of you hawajui how the inside of a church looks like. For Teammbisha ziko hapo.


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nice pics btw does the lake have crocodiles even a small number? I read this article and was surprised

[SIZE=6]Kenya: Lake Victoria Crocodile Kills Form One Student in Siaya[/SIZE]
[li]East Africa[/li][li]Environment[/li][li]Kenya[/li][li]Oceans[/li][li]Wildlife[/li][/ul]

By Eric Oloo
A Form One student was yesterday killed by a crocodile at Rabolo Beach in Lake Victoria. The 14-year-old student of Kokise Secondary School had gone to take a bath along the shores of the lake when the reptile struck.

Bramuel Otieno tried in vain to save himself but the crocodile overwhelmed him, dragging him into the deep water. According to area chief Erick Okal, a few people rushed to the beach when they heard the boy scream for help. They arrived at the scene and saw the crocodile moving away with the boy’s body.

welcome back

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Not you again. OK let’s wait and hear how the trip upcountry will end.

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Lake side…

omera. chunga leo usipige mutu juu ya gormahia

Yea, some shores in lake Victoria have. And once in a while they cause injuries to people living around

Aheri nyako majaber

Hio maneno nimewacha

Someone translate this for me…

I love you beautiful … … though hata sijakuona

Love you handsome…come pepeta me!!