Blessed sunday

After getting my portion of blessings at the winners chapel am now at the Mamba village trying to enjoy my afternoon day out. Something just caught my attention and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. When I thought stoney is the only drink they take, in comes the sminoff ice kwenye meza na ka glass kakuteremshia. @Unicorn I thought you only drink soda ya tangawizi


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Nuns drink but in secret I guess…our nuns in highschool used to

Wacha usoro wewe

Wewe kwa nini unakunywa tomato sauce? Kuta vitu za huyo nun ako to your right.

Labda @Twangapepeta leo mliwamalizia divei yote kwa chapel, wakaamua kutafuta kitu ya kumeza thakaramendi zenye zilikuwa zimebaki ndio zisiharibike wakiona :D:D:D

I want to get into the habit wink wink kwa simu

The one on the left can definitely get it, what a waste?

they do. a friend was in the seminary system and he used to take me along when going to visit the priests. welcome was tusker. kuna one Italian priest who was addicted to coffee and cigarretts taking them together. tried to get the dude to hook me up with a habit akalenga story zangu. you see a hot sister and like @Mathice you sigh “What a waste”

Si stretch kidogo chukuwa picha from a different angle. . tuntaka kuona huyo sista vipoa

the first thing the cardinal will ask of St. Peter at the pearly gates is a light-up

si ataumwa na mwili sana vile anakunywa PR…

Sioni makosa hapo. Kila nyani na starehe zake. Remember cana of Galilee where JC was MC?

He turned water to 2nd generation stuff

Maybe what JC brewed magically was KEG

She’s married

To who?

Her husband

A married nun?

I know of a catholic priest who takes a holiday every year at the coast. He uses his contacts to check him in nice hotels where he proceeds to do all the “evil” that men do.
Last year alikuwa at the now closed Hotel Lambada…
These guys are just human. Its normal…

wawache kujidanganya basi waishi tu kama sisi

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