Hi sasa ni upuuus

That nigga cost us the game… I dnt knw why van Gaal sub Rojo…

Number 4 yetu sstill…

crying over spilt milk…lets move on please

hata mngeshinda bado no. 3 haikuwa assured. arsenal has a game in hand

Ingine ni Smalling. Nicca blocked two goals. Halafu hiki Ngombe inaitwa Falcow kiende kabisa

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we played shit n still afforded a drw wth man united hehe

blacket was brought on to counter walcott’s pace…

only a gooner would reason like this au gameplan was to play like shit & see what happens


its like when they were arguing here that Chelsea is a poor team because they don’t allow other teams to score or that the losing team was better because it had superior possession…look at where they are at now (gotta rub in some salt, you know)

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The game was dull because both teams have qualified for UCL. Arsenal had a very poor first half and Man Utd got tired in the 2nd.

Halafu van girl akasema eti assenal is the best team kwa league

Congratulations Manchester United for snatching the wenger cup(4th place) from arsenal. We won’t let you do that next time

Mkumbuke playoffs mnaeza kutana na atletico

atletico zii labda valencia… The third team in germany england & spain qualifies directly



No.4 does not qualify automatically…Kuna playoffs.

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Of course. But, they will get through the playoffs. Man Utd will be stronger next season.

A team that struggles to beat west brom and crystal palace may find it hard getting through the playoffs