BlackBerry Internet Service

Has anyone used this BIS services with the local providers (Saf, Airtel & Orange) ? What are the speeds ? Nimetafuta kwa sites zao and I can’t find any detailed breakdowns. Appreciation for the info in advance.

Since blackberry 10 was released, I believe safaricom BIS was switched off and this days it’s just normal data plans like any other smartphone

Word on the street was that the cost of upgrading the service to seamlessly work with blackberry 10 did not make business sense

Hepa BB mi nlihepa coz wana shut down app mingi zile ziko android powered. Dial *210# kwa zarafigom uanzie hapo

BIS service works well on BB bold 9900 and lower. The service is good on safaricom. It uses 3G speeds of coz. 21Mbps+.

Dial *210# on Saf to subscribe. I use the monthly bundle of Kshs. 499. Very good. With a few tricks, you download movies in torrents and all the PDFs in this world. Its the only unlimited services remaining on Safaricom.

Downside is, the BB bold has hotspot, but the hotspot only uses bundles. Not BIS. I wish pple could hack this. We’re trying to.

Also the BB World Apps are shitty. Boring. And whatsapp will be terminated in Dec 2016. All Bad news!!!