Black women abort chimpanzees kids alafu alipata junguu anazaa kila mwaka

You wonder why black women are aborting chimpanzees kids but akipata junguu ako pg kila mwaka.
Bcz the white man makes you glad that you are a woman.


@TrumanCapote you should stop calling people chimps, you came out of one.

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Such a noble point

I have a theory, huyu trumancapote ni homosexual, yeye hudibuliwa mcoondur huko Germany na wazungu na coz hawezi pata balls juu ako na macende he hates that fact

the sad part is hao junguu anasifu will never notice her… :green_emoji: :green_emoji: huyu angekuwa assistant was joseph mengele

Malaya musee, hii rant imekuwa Kama broken record repeating gaps daily. Uza mkia bila kusumbua

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In the next 100yrs, everyone currently on planet earth will be dead regardless of whether they are white, black, yellow etc. So spend your little time on earth spreading love not hate.

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Doesn’t change how I feel about them. Nawapenda bure. The day our chimpanzees can give us the life the mighty junguu man can I will respect you monkeys. Have you seen the drainages being built on roundabouts? You have no idea how far the amazing white man is. I love the white man bcz he has earned my respect. You baboons can’t even get sewerage right. Your so called men can’t build roads and bridges. You are useless. Look at Haiti.

My dad is an oreo. But you are complete unadulterated chimpanzee who refuses to accept your subordinate position. You will never be able to hold a candle to the great and mighty junguu.

Telling someone the truth is not hate. Black men have ruined everything. Look at their continent. Look at the the number of black people dying to go to countries with junguu.

What is a Oreo? Did you mean Oromo?

God to the supermarket and ask for it.

Did you drink some wine or what? How you describe your dad as a supermarket item?

Stop being a drama queen. How is it that na hii ujuaji yote you don’t know what an oreo is.

Black on the outside but white on the inside.

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The only thing I am yet to reconcile is how Capote hates so much and preaches about God at the same time. It’s quite a paradox, I thought light and darkness can’t coexist till she happened

No I don’t. Hii typing yote you should have taught us why you are calling your dad a Oreo.

Which hate? I’m only motivating you to do better.

Now you have started insulting innocent unborn babies. You need psychiatric help

Wewe wacha ujinga get rid of those vile idiot from this platform

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