Black sitcoms of the 90s.

The 90s were a great period for Black sitcoms. From the crazy Wayans to the garbage man Roc.;list=WL;t=0;list=WL;list=WL;list=WL

In living color is classic… Still watch dwayne doing his thing… From time to time…

I wonder what happened. None of the local stations show good comedies any more - na usiseme Churchill Show, Shirandula na Mwala!! Puulizz!!

umesahau Martin

Martin Lawrence na ile My wife and kids. Uyo Tisha Cambell(MILF) featured in both na alikuwa ameiva mbaya

mbona mmesahau Fresh Prince of Bel Air ya Will Smith… Epic

Talking of sitcoms,my current best sitcom is Modern family,am sad that it is now running for the final season,10. I wish it would have continued for a couple of more seasons.It is by far the best sitcom that I have followed. I even rank it higher than other highly rated sitcoms such as Friends,Big bang,HIMYM and Two and a half men.

Sitcom fans,which of the currently running sitcom series is worth watching?

On that maybe Young Sheldon itakunice and some new one called The Good Place pia ni dope sana.

My bestest sitcom ya dem days was Malcolm in the Middle. That shite used to make me laugh my heart out bana

The Wayans bros. Mmoja ndio uyo alifanya my wife and kids

AMB _Sunday hapo umenena, Malcolm in the middle was amazing. Pia kulikuwa na Fresh Prince of Bel Air, na ile ya Steve Urkle what was it called? That guy was funny. Alikua anauliza "Ndid I ndo that? They don’t make shows like those anymore

Hizo shows ni kibao. Fresh Prince, Family Matters, Hanging with Mr. Cooper etc. Kuna link niliweka hapo it lists them.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

ile ya those two italian guys iliua yaitwa aje

I have looked for ROC. Torrents + elsewhere. ZERO