Imagine being a radio Dj having such talent gracing your booth

[ATTACH=full]125170[/ATTACH] Good shit not great but some talent can be seen
Then comes this recent joke…man culture vultures are the Achilles heel of every society. But anyways at least we have this meme now

Sample of the onlne roast

The whole interview is a Gem of why he wins the Darwin award for 2017…

[ATTACH=full]125171[/ATTACH] 13:22 kuruka conspiracy ati was gonna say concentrate

Your posts are cancerous

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Oh please nigga read first but you also wanna prove that umeibiwo hii award

@Mjuaji and btw am not the dumb nigga complaining like a bitch in a forum…if you ain getting what am saying sijui wewe na huu “MC” mtasiadiwa aje.I don think there is a cure for stupidity yet…



What’s Darwin award ? Just wondering if you know what it is.

This is taken career wise plus I don think any nigga wanna affiliate …am bursting remming him saying ati me an chip go way back when he tried to push on charlie…am sure be ducking even from his quacking gun
he literally spit this line
When the ting went quack quack quack you were duckin[ATTACH=full]125197[/ATTACH]
this shit is hillarious…GOLD my head hurts from laughing the whole interview is a career ender

1:04 That scarface one man