#black lives matter...

Events in the recent months concerning police brutality involving white cops and unarmed black people leaves alot to be desired about the land of opportunities. There is a video that doing rounds on facebook am sure you guyz have seen it ( i would have attached it but dont know how to do it with a phone) about how police broke up a black teenage girl’s pool
Party in a posh neighbourhood in texas. No human being deserves to be treated like that especially teenagers who are unarmed, there only mistake was playing loud music and of course being black.
For a country that claims to be the super power their police need to do better than that. I agree that the relationship between blacks and
Whites has not been exactly rosy but white police using there position to harass and kill black people is sad. Obama should be ashamed.
Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere

Agreed. …but to meet the threshold, weka any mbisha ata kaa Ni ya Obama akiwa ashamed.

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Racism is real… Ask the villagers abroad! Let me eat my coins in my beloved motherland life is hard enough without dragging in racism!



Racism is everywhere. Ata hapa Kenya iko.

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Extremely hard for me meet a muhindi (who are notorious for it here in kenya)…so we really don’t experience racism as such! Lakini kama unafanyia kazi an Indian… Eeh pole boss

The chic got boobs… Dang!!

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Am just seeing boobs! What was she saying again? Teenages having a cookout…those are too heavy!!Akina Nanimakwapa!

Just seen that footage on CNN of the cop in Texas breaking up a black teenagers’ pool party with a gun in the process throwing young girls on the ground with so much force you would think he is dispersing a prison riot

Yeah thats the clip

Mujamaa wa turedio priss ambiya hao ma mods waacheupus ya ku.harass villagers na mambo ya kuweka mbisha ama I’ll hit the report button

Some Kenyans are also racists too. My toddler happens to be of mixed race and when I walk with him in Kenya we get a lot of racists remarks and that doesn’t happen wherever we live abroad . Anyone can choose to be a racist…

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hiyo kifua yawa

Sad that it happens to innocent civilians but pia you can’t tetea some of this nieggarz. They can be violent and rude. Hata nikiwa karao huko nanyorosha Tu.

Babake ni mzungu?

Mimi ni mzungu


Na mimi ni MKorea

Prolly coz we “know” the sheboons that get hitched to odieros - the macasablanca types.

Whenever I meet a black bish/odiero couple in town with their mixed shudren, I normally smile silently and think, odiero, did you check the ‘odometre’ first?

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Hahaha, i see. Anyway, i won’t defend myself to a stranger.