Black dont crack

Taraji Henson - 50 years old

Mariah Carey - 50 years old

Essence Atkins - 48 years old

Mary J Blige - 49 years old

Halle Berry - 54 years old

Regina Hall - 50 years old

Joy Bryant - 46 years old

Jennifer Lopez - 51 years old



They all look like old dusters… Eti ‘black don’t crack’ upuss

Leta digits

Uliacha kudinyana mkundu??

Jennifer Lopez is Puerto Rican ghaseer hii…otherwise those MILFs and GILFs wako chonjooooo.

Age bracket is 18-24 yrs, hawa tumewaachia broke niggas who are being bought by those mamas, mtu kama mimi who has his own money and is in his prime I cannot be bought by these post wall women

Nakula na kuingia Mabira forest, older women have too many insecurities with nasty attitudes.

Make up kilo mbili, though they are physically fit

Youth is precious and nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace the spontaneity, freshness and malleability of youth.

When we say that time is a woman’s greatest enemy we do not limit outselves to the wreck that gravity leaves on their connective tissues ( sagging body parts ), we are talking mostly about the monumental bitterness and emotional baggage that older women accrue on their road to menopause. The baggage is so offputting that u wouldnt wish to spend more than 10 minutes in the same room with them.

Thats why married men are the most frustrated, bitter and depressed lot you will ever come across.


=“tall mnyama everywhere, post: 3053485, member: 31240”]Uliacha kudinyana mkundu??

pesa banae
mamake @tall mnyama everywhere amekuja sura:D

Get an average American woman , those you have posted above are not.

Now post za your nyanye and mother we rate

South East Asia women don’t crack.

Search for normal average woman from all regions worldwide and compare.

Stick to your old smelly somali whore plisss hapa hstukutaki

Have you seen Mary J without make upo_O

That was just a bonus to the list

:D:D:D:D:D…the mighty wall is relentless and undefeated !!!

Hekaya banae