Hello talkers, merry christmas. Regrettably I’ve just lost my daughter.

Wah!Pole sana kaka.

Nishaapoa, ahsante sana.

That hurts. Sorry for you loss. illness? if you may?

wah! pole ndugu

Doctors couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was the cause. I was at the clinic yesterday and a follow up today. She had cerebral palsy which could complicate so many things.

Pole sana.

Pole sana ndugu

Sorry for the loss. Stay strong.

Pole boss, may her young soul rest in peace.

My condolences

Was she in the ICU?



Pole boss, stay strong

pole,may the little angel rest in peace

Sorry for the loss.

Pole sana kaka.

Poleni sana.

Pole sana, May the good God in Heaven give you and your family strength and comfort… In Jesus Name Amen.