Black Boychild under attack


white woman problems.

Boss , … I lived in Europe , USA and parts of Canada … and I can confirm that the vast majority of young , urban white women are Crazy for some Black Dicc …!!

Who gives a fwack about white women. They love the attention they get from thirsty guys online then pretend not to.

just the dick…and what else?

women love attention, hata @MaryJane loves some

Even Trump is envious of Black man’s prowess in bed, White lady that gets laid by a Black man never goes back to White man. Black man = good sex according to white folks.

Ulikuwa pornstar huko ama??

White and blacks kila mtu acheze kiviake

i thought yu were raped shieth

I’d have loved to see the comments.

this is when the piping was top notch and bitch was dumped

Woi! Even white women? Jameni! Kweli boychild ako under siege! Poleni! But could all these different women from different cultures different races different continents all be wrong about the ‘poor’ boychild? I doubt it!

wachaneni na fuck niggaz!

What’s your hypothesis?

Bottom feeders of the dating pool:D:D:D 100% correct.

Stop with your lies. How come you will never find a regular Kenyan dude with even a mere 7/10 white girl? Only white boy rejects are interested in you. The low self esteem obese kind and I’m not body shaming. Just stating facts

Hujasema poa but uko like 85% correct. White guys get 7+/10 coz mamanzi weusi ni ma-hound.

Black American dudes are the armpit of America when it comes to dating. HORRIBLE, narcissistic, violent, lazy, loud mouthed man whores. Doesn’t matter if they were raised in the hood, suburbia, or Hollywood idiots. They have deep seated issues!!

White people age baaaadly!!! Creepy as hell!!!

Mostly lazy mofos who think the world owes them an apology.