Black Americans been thru the most

OK. Yall know there’s no love lost between niggas and myself. I have been called self hating bcz of my criticism of African Americans but because I am an intellectual, I took it upon myself to really understand these people, after all they do look like me. I owe them that much, so I went to do research. My goodness the shit I am unearthing is seriously shocking me. Ati black women used to BREASTFEED white babies BY FORCE. Ati if you join American sports as a black man you get checked out NAKED by white men like the slave market, like a Livestock market. Yes it’s still HAPPENING in the NCAA. I’m reading several memoirs about black Americans currently I’m on two, I’m reading them concurrently, one is called negro land. The other is about wealthy negros, the ones who are part of the 1%. Im perpetually shocked. Recently a black boy was lynched in Mississippi. I did my research and a few years ago another black boy was lynched. Like slavery day shit is still going down today. America is fucked up y’all. Ati the land of the free? In America not even Oprah a billionaire is free. A white trash child has more freedom than a black billionaire will ever have. I watched stuff about Harlem. Stuff about inner cities. Wah. It’s like this twilight zone. With all kinds of vices and a hopelessness so severe that I thank God every day I was born in Africa where I don’t have to be subjected to racism. Nakwambia it’s depressing. Never appreciated being in Africa where you never think about your race like I do now. When I look at the assassination of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and the endless shootings of the black people alot of times children caught in the crossfire not just by the police but by other black men, opposing gangs, crips, bloods, piru. Manze the black race is screwed. The clip below is of a mother in a state with the most black cops, black leaders and black people. Can the damage done for 400 years be undone? It’s like everywhere that the black man is its not yet uhuru but black Americans know that reality better than any other group of black people in the world.

Black guys get checked naked… What of white dudes?

Is there really such a double standard going on uncontested? Interesting read, though

Africa is black mans land.From North to south,east to west.An African is likely to be more prosperous in Africa than anywhere else.

[SIZE=4]cc: confused arabs now claiming north,parts of east africa.[/SIZE]

I have seen you post drivel after drivel but I’m now beginning to understand the source of your ignorance. It is self loathing masquerading as pseudo intellectualism to conceal your mental dwarfness and impotence. Stop reading garbage off the internet and then making broad strokes commentary on present and past negro challenges. Your takes are similar to those sites such as “stormfront” have perpetuated for years. Spend your little energy worrying about corruption and governance in 254. And overpopulation. This is above your pay grade, son.