@bjurmann kam hapa....

I get it hard to understand the above message since the income tax (IT!) penalty is kshs. 1400 per year… VAT is kshs 10000 per month… ebu nielezee unamaanisha nini hapa?

Ebru Africa…I found it hard to understand it too. It was kind of self generated the moment I hit the submit button. But I think the burden of proof is with the employer. As long as my paye is clearly indicated and I was using P9 to fill they can go drown.

hapo unakamuliwa dry fry ni kra :wink:

Nani atanisadia kujaza hii kitu ,nimekwama.

Pamba leta p9 yako na 1,000/= nikujazie

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hiyo salo yako hapana mbaya…150k gross?

150k? Kuja Mambrui kwa kensalt ufanye survey…mhindi akupe 150k?

I calculated from your alleged taxes arrear over the year(30% of the gross salary for the twelve months)

Woooiiii…uliza msee mwingine amejaza. KRA hawajui kenye wanafanya. I hear the error is stemming up from that year we were told no filing for guys with PAYE.

Bado sijapata my P9 form from my employer…

Kwani muhindi hupeana P9

When was that? To the best of my knowledge, it was only one year during which we didn’t fill but the rule was rescinded on the immediate next budget. Prior to iTAX, I’ve been using the taxpayer software to file my returns.

It’s not really 30%. Here are the rates:

http://www.revenue.go.ke/incometax/faqincometax.html [ATTACH=full]7401[/ATTACH]

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