bitter preaching today

Nmetoka church (am sure nmerepresent kijiji although kuna kadame hapo nyuma jo) and today kila mtu alikua soo much bitter with states decision yo legalise gay married. It got me wondering in few years to come, how will you watch men kissing in tele, with your kids? How will u start… Son its normal hitting someone on the back. Mi mwenyewe nlishindwa kuwatch sense 8.
Well, let me summarise what will happen after the legality to the gay rights. :
1. It would be confusing and awkward for everyone.
2. It would make the word “marriage” meaningless
3. It is hurting people’s feelings. Far from achieving understanding, it is already
creating confusion. Far from building
harmony, it will create disharmony, anger and
long-lasting hurt.
4. Gay people will regret it in the long run.
5. Those who are anti-gay marriage could be accused
of a hate crime.
I would like to add but few cares because its not affecting Africans, but just few months to come media will be broadcasting it like fuck. Anyway kusimplify maneno juu haka kadame kanaishia,
-Christians must engage in “spiritual warfare” to combat same-
sex marriage.

-If gays are granted rights, next we’ll have to give rights to
prostitutes and serial killers(they are all our brothers and sisters right? ) but i wont escape serial killer by this time.

-Same-sex marriage will lead to “fathers marrying sons.”

-Same-sex marriage is like “counterfeit money.”

-I think gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Ekeni mbisha acha nifike

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:D:D:D ‘It’s hurting peoples feelings’.

Meanwhile ukienda kanisa moja huko marekani upee muumini mmoja ramani alafu umuulize kama anaeza point Kenya, atabakia tu amekutazama kama runinga. Tafakari hayo.


Do you know everything in point 2 is rendered moot if you remove the religious element (God) from your argument?
and just what rights are these that prostitutes and serial killers will want?:confused:
and incest isnt the same thing as same-sex marriage dude…seriously man, think a little.

Marriage is companionship…that’s it! Did you see the gay couple from Dallas? 55years without the certificate, It didn’t stop them!

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@kyuktothecore anajaribu kukuambia @byro that nobody in their country give a shit about you and your country while you’re busy here wasting kenyans battery life whinning about what’s (legally) going on in there’s.


so you’re pro gay?

I’m pro minding my own business.


you’re just another filthy faggot

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Main theme hapa its not about if they know kenya… We kenyans copy everything from west. If you can read again am worried about media feeding us with shit soon, about our future generation not that of American


To me the main theme here is wakenya kukosa akili. You’re admitting that we are mindless robots who wait for america to tell us what we should think and do. Btw media only feeds you that shit coz you consume it voraciously. If you ignored it, I doubt they would feed it to you so consistently.

picha ya ‘kadame hapo nyuma jo’

:smiley: Thank you. You saved me the energy required for an intelligent debate.

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i don’t think debating anything concerning faggots is wisdom

@Wakanyama is as stupid as they come. Ruto steals your money then he rallies you with anti gay sermons, you immediately forget the main issue and start focussing on side issues

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[SIZE=5]I got no problem with gays and lesbians marrying Shit, let them suffer through marriage like everybody else

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