Bitlipa inalipa

Using our crypto app we are able to convert cash to fiat, Bitcoin…and through our cracked version you can get crazy returns upon reversal of your amount e.g 10k would return 55k in 5minutes through our system manipulation.Let me be your plug!

Niaje Msupa

Uko na number ya Mama Ngina?

lazima unga utaftwe, by hook or crook… Ati through our cracked version, “our system manipulation”, crazy returns…hizo sasa ndio deep-red flags ama :D:D

:smiley: you play way too much

Najaribu kukushoo kwa “upole” you’re insulting elders’ intelligence

Jibambe huku, don’t try to sell something for now, watakuita NV mpaka uchoke :smiley:

Am serious young man

Unaeza kuwa na serious ya @Elon Musk but still insult our intelligence.

[SIZE=3]did you have to call me young man though? [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Saii niko bro zone sio? [/SIZE][SIZE=3]:D[/SIZE]

I read the reviews on that Bitlipa app and pretty much everyone says its a scam. You deposit your crypto and that is the last time you will ever see it. The only app I know that can exchange crypto for cash is Spectrocoin and getting approved on that platform is like trying to get a visa, headache tupu!


Just use binance

hebu ni inbox kuna kitu nataka unichapie

Binance doesn’t convert crypto to fiat.

If I have cryptos and I want cadh in my Mpesa, si. I trade it in trading platforms like binance, not some bottom scam-like sites.

NV ghaseer

@Electronics4u kindly ban these conmen handles

It does. I buy crypto using fiat and cash out using the same platform.

For real?? Do they accept kenya shillings?

Scam delete this thread

Ofcourse bro