“In the early days, Nakamoto is estimated to have mined 1 million bitcoins.”
Ngojeni ile siku ataflood market akuwe same level na lords of the land, mtajua hamjui

FBI probably have twice that

CNN are calling it the bitcoin bubble. Its gonna bust very soon na kuna watu watalilia kwa shoo.

It’s very similar to the dot com bubble of 1999/2000. So relax, just let it burst but do not ignore cryptocurrencies. They’re the future and early adopters will reap handsomely just like the dot com era and those who invested early…

You coulb be right. Each and every authority out there will have their own cryptocurreny.
Can Mpesa be termed as a cryptocurrency?

Mpesa is a platform.

Is possible for it to be concerted to a cryptocurrency?
For example it can be 1 mpesa = 1 USD.
That’s gives it global acceptance.

Mtu anajua site kama local bitcoins naeza buy ether anishow.

Wewe, Mpesa is simply put, a money transfer service… A platform just like Western Union. The platform facilitates funds transfer and is not a currency in itself. Comprende?

But digital reward and loyalty programs such as Bonga Points are indeed a form of digital currency…

Could you explain this bit further, please?


Crypto currency will do for business what the internet did for communication

lakini alimine aje if he was the creator?

Mimi naogopa tu wall Street guys na vile imeanza kutrade huko. Those guys might make it unstable then short it

Fake news battalion… They started saying that when BTC surpassed the value of gold. They are just wishful thinkers. But they might be right hata kama yao ni guesswork

Download coinbase app uanze kununua na kuuza bitcoin straight na paypal ama bank account. Dont use any kenyan third party players.

Watu wa central reserve wanna chomeka. Aki Bitcoin will hit 20K.

As with the FBI they can’t release or touch any of the Bitcoin because it’s evidence in illegal trading activities eg. Silk Road and will end up being destroyed.


Bitcoin has become the new quail.

international pyramid scheme

Pyramid scheme trading on wallstreet?