bitcoin in free fall

What the hell is happening with bitcoin cash!? 93% gains!

How low do you guys see bitcoin falling

so is it falling or rising? you’re post is opaque.

lol theres a difference between bitcoin and bitcoin cash.

see this

This is because of the cancelation of the hard fork those who were supporting the split have sold all their bitcoins and bought bitcoin cash also Chinese investors want the bitcoin cash to be recognized as the legit bitcoin so they are heavily investing on bitcoin cash and dumping bitcoin.

But Bitcoin investors are pumping in billions as we speak asubuhi ilikuwa $5500 ikapanda hadi $6500 in less than 2 hours hopefully it will stabilize before the week ends

I have made wonderful gains this morning. I made an extra 30k today morning from a trade I placed last night.

Free Fall Will Continue Na Hiyo Pin Bar

are u using bittrex ama localbitcoins for purchases?


The bitcoins I trade with are from payments I have received on Steemit.

aaah very nice

Looking For A Buy

Another excellent tip. Be smart in how you make trades. I am employing arbitrage starting last week. I have spotted someone who is buying bitcoin at a relatively higher price than the one that I am buying at on the exchanges. Just buy and sell and repeat. Trade smart.