Bitcoin below $25,000


What’s your plan? Getting out, getting in or waiting?

Some predict it could go down to $19,000

In other news, Celcius network halts withdrawals. Another crash happening?


How can you get out now when you are so far down the rabbit hole? Its like everytime we are in bear market people forget what they should be doing.


Hillarious memes floating around




Hi! It seems to me that now everyone is shocked by this. It changes very quickly and you can’t always track everything, but there is Infos SingularityDAO that will help you with this because you have the opportunity to manage your finances by attaching your wallet there. This service helps to track the changes that have occurred in the crypto market and at the right time to invest your money correctly, which is very important. I wish you good luck!

@Thirimaii do you have any idea about how bots like this operate??

I work with BOTs for data mining and those things are flexible and can be used in any technical platform.
The concept is what may differ.
To answer your question I do not know how they operate in such context but i know it is easy to program those thing to work anywhere under any condition.
They only fail when the hosting servers go down or due to connectivity issues

Just how much data do you require to effectively program a bot to give similar feedback as humans?

Any dataset can do for as long as it is accurate,complete to give value and authentic.
Data volume can come with time as more transactions come through.
Look for a website called i think you can find cryptocurrency dataset in there.
Download and test your bot with it

Anyone reading this please don’t join random crypto telegram groups because most of these are scams, and be very careful with your wallets (It is very easy for someone to drain funds from your wallet).

Don’t fall for anyone asking you to ‘verify’ your wallet or something similar.

The crypto industry is so massively over leveraged with too much inter connected locked up capital and collateral that at this point, it is a bubble destined to pop. Approaching maximum systematic risk. Mortgage crisis take 2.

This is what happens when you build a business (and convince clients) based on the expectation that BTC price will rise continuously forever. Unsustainable.

Breached $19,000. Now at $18,000

The crypto market can be pretty wild, right? When it comes to Bitcoin’s recent dip below $25,000 it’s definitely made me pause and reevaluate. I’ve learned that knee-jerk reactions often don’t lead to the best outcomes.

So, for now, I’m holding tight and watching how things unfold. Predictions are all over the place, from it going even lower to bouncing back stronger. It’s a tough call! By the way, have you ever thought about exploring white label digital assets exchanges? They might offer some interesting options.