Bishop Mureithi and Bishops who fall

How should they be handled? Forgive 70 times 7 ama? Grace and mercy vs accountability.

What is your personal view on this issue? personally confused.

Bishop Mureithi is one arrogant person.

I wasn’t surprised at all about his extra-marital entanglements.

Huyu jambaz sugul isn’t remorseful. He will milk this scandal to the max like the narcissist he is.

The only true man of God in Nairobi is Pastor James Ng’ang’a of NENO. He never wears a sheepskin. He sings good music and is still serving the lord at old age. He does not go around blessing wicked politicians.

Ata ivo, Nairobi ni nono, na watu lazima waprotect wenzao, ndio cartel iwe more powerful kusiwe na migawanyiko. On Sunday those bishops take 10% of what Nairobians make throughout the week.


Mwari pls kuja unifafanulie huu udaku…yaaaaawa.

Aki this Kenya, be careful with the church you are attending. The guy even tried to induct her to free Mason. She also said that he’s an alcoholic and he loves clubbing.

Its getting more confusing as I understand low key this is not the only woman. His baby mama is also unleashing 411 which is very ugly.

What annoyed me about her is that she alleged that he is womaniser and that they would get into fights over his roving eye. Whaaaaaaaat? he knew he was married man. So who on earth told her that a leopard would change it’s spots?
Also nikama ako na mtoto mwingine…arrrrrgh my head hurts at this point.

She even said he was trying to induct her in free Mason. This case is complicated and other bishops should distance themselves from the guy coz the guy has too many worms in his can. It is just a matter of time for his women start crawling out of the wood works.

You know how women are. They are MWK but want to be the only woman in the picture.

Ebu don’t mind typos in my posts i.e the above post. Always in a rush.
I was very disappointed to see Dr Harrison Ng’ang’a leading the forgiveness crew. And indeed Mureithi looks creepy, talks creepy, creepy hairdo for a jizee and we best watch this space with this one. More to follow…
Why do I think some bishops are quacking in their boots praying fervently that no one crawls out of the woodworks to tell us about their sordid secrets…

Yaani even me I was like Harrison of all bishops we are doomed. Anyway we will get more revelations coz this guy has skeletons

There is also serious naming and shaming in my Catholic Yard. A certain well known priest on our Catholic channel EWTN has been accused of sexually touching a son he fathered!!!Taimagini…

ATI? His own biological son or its me who is not understanding?

Yes dearie. A son he fathered with a mshirika!! hii dunia inaisha pole pole…a long courtcase ruled that he did not sexually molest him so he is now free and living with his sister, her hubby and the boy!! oh dearie me.:mad:

He’s still living with the guy who molested him?

Sorry I am not clear. The ex-Priest, the son he fathered/allegedly abused are now living with the ex-priest’s sister and her hubby.

From observing the behaviour of gentlemen of the cloth, I came to the conclusion that you can never lean too heavily on the examples of those who claim to lead us to God. Just live your life as best as you know how.