Birth Certificate

What is the most convenient way of acquiring a birth certificate if you already have a birth notification slip from the hospital?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Riddim but am actually in need of a birth certificate for a child.

read the entire thread:)

1 Obtain a form from registrar of persons at NSSF Building along Bishops Road (Community) and duly fill in the form.

2 You should have a copy of a notification from the hospital where the child was delivered from.

3 Have copies of parent’s national identity cards.

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Kuja na 1k hapa upperhill hass plaza. Birth cert upate kesho

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Say no to corruption, it starts with you!

Its not corruption but beating the system.

Just out of curiosity, why do you need the birth certificate as an ‘emergency’?

Mathice wacha Hizo. Normal process utangoja sana

Hahaha Dakitari nyinyi ndi wale hukumbuka ikifika time ya mtoto kufanya kcpe?

And if you are not in Nairobi, Huduma Centres will sort you out. Fast and efficient

Not really :smiley: :D. I’m just wondering why the rush? Coz hapo ndipo pesa inaliwa halafu mtu anasema wengine ni wakorofi ama wanapenda mlungula.

What about people who were born at home… Like in turkana, wajir etc



Go to the nearest huduma Center ama any offices za Birth and Death Registration. Fill a B4 form and attach a copy of the notification & copy of both parents ID then wait for almost one weeks.
It’s hassle free, hapana ndanganywa na mtu ama uhongane.

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Thanks for the info.Much appreciated.


Daktari am not in a rush I said conveniently. I need to obtain one for my kid.

kwa form utaulizwa mbona hakuna hosi notification na sasa kwanzia hapo ndip utajua chief wa kenyu ni nani. but even home delivery lazima mtoi aende clinic so hio kadi ya clinic will be good evidence from where the chief can start from


o_Oo_Oo_O Wajinga ndo waliliwa