Birrionea anauza plot: 1/4 Acre...Yukos, Kitengela

Im selling a plot in Yukos area of Kitengela. The land is a a quarter acre (0.1Ha). Accessed via the road right next to the Total Petrol station on the Namanga Rd. Approx 1km from the tarmac (only because the road winds around). The area is zoned for single dwelling so you cant put up apartments or a commercial structures.
Its a residential place, the land is set on a flat plain with some houses built nearby.
Land already has beacons in place and has been fenced.
can be viewed here:

asking price: 5.3M (negotiable)

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Wewe ni wazimu 0.1Ha @5.3 :eek::eek::eek::eek:


At the rate kitengela is growing its a matter of time before the same plot is worth 8M within two years…
And a half acre in the same place is going for nearly 10m right now.

Sawa Maina Kageni


find a buyer i pay you 5% commission

I agree with him i know of someone who bought the same size in kitengela “safaricom 2” area 80k back in 2002 and the current price is 5m

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Now you are talking! :slight_smile:

Huko soko iko down.kuna ingine 3/4 next to the new peti hapo yukos touching tarmac kuuza imekuwa headache sana.ule outgoing gavana ndiye aliharibu soko.

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Can you shed more light on this… fafanua tafasali

Picha of the area!

They halted transfers for a while and people smelt trouble,buyers lost confidence.


I dont have any pics of the place right now

Area is generally flat, overlooking SGR,people have put up decent maisonettes

that side is all homes…flats are in the distance. The closest railway line is the old railway


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umekimbia mbio?!! wacha nipate “FOR SALE” sign hapo tutakosana


Hehe…Niko site already…doing a site house…SGR haiko mbali sana,saw it pass 20 minutes ago,old railway is much closer

:D:D:D,Wataka kuuza ploti ama namna gani?
I can literally hear you shouting this.

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you know how conmen are…:D:D

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Nani anauza membley