Biometric doors

I need help here tlkers…i run a company that uses biometric doors .you put your handprint at the scanner outside the door and the door the moment i have no idea how many outsiders can access the premise since someone interfered with the question is how now do i keep an account of everyone who comes in.kuna cctv cameras but they are not on the right you cant see.and this are dissapearing at the office by the day

What is dissapearing ?

Osungu naleta siida.o_O


office equipment and peoples personal stuff left here overnight

hahaha boss wan tuko darasa

First order of business, put new locks on your doors then get your CCTV fixed. Mambo ya biometric fix baadaye.
Short of posting guards at the entrances to know who is coming and going, i dont know what else you will do.

Is there any breaking in ? if no a person whose familiar with the palce may be responsible or the system may have some issues

Ule jamaa wa viatu aliambiwa aanike viatu different estates, wewe sasa itabidi ubebe keyboard uwache mouse, ubebe printer uwache toner and so forth


What is the purpose of having Cctv cameras which are at the wrong angle? Why not sort out what you have first and make it work before seeking other solutions?

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the doors use magnets .so no locks needed.secondly people carry bags and purses around here na huez jua ni nini ya nani wamebeba so thats y im looking for a way to restrict access to employees mtu mwngne afunguliwe

the solution is very simple

  1. position the cctv cameras correctly
  2. reprogram the biometric doors and have a register of the employees who are authorised to operate them
  3. Train the authorised stuff on the correct way to use the biometric scanner, ie, make sure fingerprints are wiped off from the scanner every time its used
  4. it does not hurt to install a secondary locking system mainly to be used at night when nobody is supposed to be around as biometric doors are not 100% effective

Ni wapi huko nisi kuje?

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This… (The answer is always in the passage,your english teacher didn’t mention this?)

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nasaka job.kampuni kuna nafasi ?

nasaka job.kampuni kuna nafasi ?

unauliza na unaona iko…its evident hana watchman u cn apply


Unajua that cctv haijafixiwa hapo in stone buda.

Andika watchman

Ni kuandika ama kuajiri?