Binyavanga, LGBT and Religious hypocrisy

Binyavanga died at the age of 48. He was a peerless writer and riveting storyteller; a man whose works and ideas will outlive him for decades, if not centuries to come.
Fo those who dont know he was a very controversial writer. In January 2014, against the backdrop of a wave of criminalisation of homosexuality in African countries such as Nigeria and Uganda, Binyavanga confessed to the world that he was a homosexual.
In 2016, he dropped a second bombshell and told the world that he was HIV positive “and happy”.
However, I am not here today to talk about the sexuality of a 48-year-old man. I am here to discuss the utter hatred, vitriol and cruelty with which a section of Kenyans — the “Christians” — are treating Binyavanga.
In the hours following his death, the Internet was full of dreadful and vile comments about the writer, with most comments suggesting that he would “never see heaven”.
Armed with Bible verses, the official online “Christian” brigade threw barbs at the late Binyavanga, urging him to say hello to “Satan” and enjoy his stay in “hell”.

The death of Binyavanga was supposed to bring the country together in celebrating a man who used his talent to open doors for younger writers, but instead it brought the worst out of us, and especially our hypocrisy and inability to process reality.
But unlike others, I am not surprised by this treatment of Binyavanga, a man whose only crime was to love another man, occasionally dress up as a woman and even wear some lipstick.
In fact, I was the more unsurprised that the poor treatment of Binyavanga came from the “Christians” because these so-called “Christians” and other religious folks are among the vilest, most hateful and venomous people we have in this country.
From my experience, the most judgemental, gossipy, wicked and pretentious folks I have ever encountered were those who purported to be “Christians”.
I subscribe to Christianity, but If I am to be frank, some of the most corrupt persons — including those who kill, steal from and destroy the poor in our society — are people who say they are “Christians”. These are the same people who fornicate, rape, engage in adultery, steal, lie and kill but they dont see anything wrong with that but then they are all over throwing stones about someone’s sexuality not that I support homosexuality. People are hypocrites. When the same “Christians” are doing all the above vices they are not religious but when someone’s sexuality comes to play thats when they remember that the Bible exists and starts saying how the Bible condemns homosexuality. They judge people for sinning differently than them.
We have people in this country whose relatives have been accused of stealing money meant for children’s vaccines and medicines, but they do not get half the scorn we poured on Binyavanga.
We live in a society teeming with men who got married in church who “sponsor” university girls, and priests accused of molesting little boys, but Binyavanga cannot wear his red tutu skirt in peace.

For a country where pastors are using your tithes and offerings to finance their lavish lifestyles, these so-called Christians should first put their daddy pastors to task before they touch Binyavanga.
For a country where the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted infections is higher in marriages, these “Christians” should read the Bible to their spouses before they can litter our timelines with useless religious platitudes.
Binyavanga was the most unlikely candidate for everything Christian and religious but through his actions, he helped more people and changed more lives than all the devil-chasing homophobic pseudo-Christians put together.
Of course, I am not against Christianity — or Christians — but the point I am trying to put across is that Binyavanga may have been different, you might not agree with his lifestyle but that does not give us the right to judge him, and make such disgusting comments about him. For Christ’s sake, let’s not pretend here; we are all sinners, what is different is how we sin!

Binyavanga, RIP.

Article by Njoki Chege courtesy of Daily Nation

Pole kwa kuachwa na Bibi, Sasa umekuwa widower.

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No juu it was TL;DR

Low IQ fool, do you really think this lgbt to kenya and africa is about gay rights? Its about spreading decadency, feminization and different psychological warfare against africa and africans, that dress Binyavanga was wearing was the symbol of that. Do you really think you cant indoctrinate people to become sexually confused? Its very easy which is what the jungu liberals have been pushing to kenya and africa. Did you read about the jungu liberal Charlize Theron who adopted two african children, a boy and a girl, and now the boy identifies as a girl and is said to have come out as a girl when he was 3 years old. Do you think its a coincidence?

Jungu liberals sponsored Binyavanga and alot of these lgbt activist in kenya and africa, once you have successfully feminized men then they are mentally conquered. In america they have done that with black men, look at every serie there, the gay or transsexuel man is always black and not white, in prison black men are known for being transsexuals and gays, its all because of planed psychological attack towards the black community. In U.S you cant talk about black rights without gay rights, Obama passed more rights for gay people than he did for black people. Walk in the streets of america and you will see black transsexuals walking around all over. Its about indoctrination, and if its successful in Africa you can kiss goodbye to our independence, feminized men don’t take charge, which is why in america whenever something happen its always black women marching and not the men, they have made the women so called ‘‘Independent black women’’ as the face of black community, watch all movies with black people and you will see they always make the black women the masculine one.

They tried to spread their agendas to Russia and eastern europe and they told them no. Do you really think transsexuals are that common in Africa? No, its because a lot of it has to do with psychological indotrination which the jungu liberals will use as an opportunity to corrupt our kids minds once we start to accept their lgbtq agendas

The guy was a brilliant writer but was born in the wrong country.

Most of the emasculated men are black. The largest proportion per race population of Gay men in the West are black men, and as i told you its because of planed psychological attacks against black men from the liberal jungus in those countries.

Jungu liberal Charlize Theron with her adopted South African son 7 year old Jackson Theron. The first picture is when he was 3 year old and then according to her he found at he was a girl at that age same age and now he wears girl clothess and lives his life as a girl. This is how these jungu liberals use psychological werfare to harm black children, and again you just need to look in U.S to see these, they have a huge black gay and sexually confused population.

Jinga,kwani inafikiria hatuoni the post was edited?

I’m sad for the boy and disgusted by the stupid woman

Yes, we need to realise what the black men represents, he represents untameableness and imagine a jungu like Charlize Theron born in apartheid South Africa, she would never raise her son to become a straight black men so she has been psychologically damaged so she can feminize him as best as she can. This is not a coincidence and as said this has already been done in U.S, the black people there were saw as savages and untamable, just watch the old movies on how the depicted black people as violent brutes. Now days they depic them as homosexuals and transsexuals in movies as a psychological werfare to confuse black childrens mind epescially young boys to grow up thinking that they are women etc.

so tuokoe huyo boy aje ?

It won’t work, black people are too docile in nature and worship jungus which is why we give our children to jungus and automatically think they will get a better future. The only way that boy can be saved is by being taken from that women, black people lack any power or mentality to do so, imagine if a black person was doing this to a white boy they had adopted and taken to africa, there would be hell and the boy would be returned back to jungus. We can only pray that he gets sense when he grows up and realise what the women has been doing to him psychologically. There has been lots of similar cases like him in the west and the parents of those boys have gone as far and given them access to surgery so they can change their gender when they were small as 8 years old and up. In those cases those boys grew up to regret their surgery and suffered depression and finally commited suicide. Transsexuals in europe has high suicide numbers.

Had he kept his bedroom affairs to himself, we could have focused on his skill and writing prowess, however he chose his sexuality to dominate over his writing.
Maybe now people will read what he wrote but still that gay cloud won’t allow many of us.

once you lose your Identity you’ve lost everything else.
confusion should be avoided at all cost

Brief description of what the link is for would help, before I click on it.

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So what are you trying to say with the link, now that I’ve read it?

What is even more baffling is that there are many many many white and black kids needing adoption. Lakini they don’t want those ones. Cases in point Madonna and Angelina Jolie.