Bingwa njoo hapa, kimeumana.

@Bingwa Scrotum Njoo uokote miili yenu. [ATTACH=full]343332[/ATTACH]

Anika full textbook hapa ghaseer ya manispaa wewe

It was poetic to see a son of Nyeri by the name of His Excellency Emilio Mwai waKibaki, and His Minister of Defense, from Maasai land, Mheshimiwa Prof. George Saitoti, deploy troops to Somalia.
Just as the two tribes had repulsed the Somalis 100 plus years earlier on.

I can’t upload the file it’s too big but if you type into Google “kikuyu barabiu” you’ll find the book in this link.[ATTACH=full]343333[/ATTACH]

Tuliwachapa, tuliwatandika, tuliwazalisha hadi maasai wakawaokoa

Meru wako na damu yetu

Is the proverb ‘gûtirî wairegi ûtûire’ related to these events?

The miiru remain the unconquered concrete wall between the primitive wariah and the rest of Kenya.

Asande kiongos

Look at the amerus… especially their women, most have either our arab hair, or sharp noses

Look at this face though. I believe there’s a big amount of Eastern Bantu people with cushitic heritage.[ATTACH=full]343358[/ATTACH]

I heard Cucu say " Uyu arurire ta barabiu!" Yaani he is as fierce as a Barabiu! I never knew that Barabiu was a stupid brainless tribe that was threatening my ancestors! To hell with them… hehe

She meant in bed …fierce in bed

Now how can someone like you with one ball be fierce in bed? How now?

Are you confusing me for Mundu Mulosi

Its the other way round. Your nearby people have been injected With Decidedly Bantu features. Majority bantus have less pronounced facial features. Like miirus and South African pure bantus. Its not cushitic influence.

Further, she was speaking from experience

Cushitic imetoka wapi… I said, arab


barabiu means total war