Bilstein Shock absobers -- dealer???

Anyone know if there exists an official dealer of Bilstein in Kenya? Please don’t tell me Impala because I want somewhere I can go back on warranty incase they fail.

Warranty Africa ni ngoma.

Uko na VW? My advice kama ni VW enda tu DT Dobie and thank me later.

Seems I’ll have to go that way. Though I wanted to move away from the Sach OE shocks. I believe bilsteins are tougher and would be an upgrade.

Why not Impala? Have you ever had issues? Please do tell, as we would all like to know. Also which Impala? Please specify. thanks

It’s word from the grapevine. Heard some people with issues and they wouldn’t accept returns. Warranty is a major issue for me, that’s why I’d rather but from official dealer. If they pack up, I know I’ll be sorted with minimum of hussle.