So…Mr. President has signed 3 Bills into law dealing with ALCOHOL,Domestic Violence and Public Service Values.

ALL THE REST ON HOLD…Just need Advice on the Most Important…ALCOHOL…These what it says>>>>>>>>“The alcoholic drinks control act introduces a REMISSION of excise duty at 90% for Beers made from Sorghum , Millet and Cassava…”

Who has an idea of the Beers that are made from above coz naona sisi watu wa Roasted Barley (Guiness) na Jet Fuel(Liquor) tuko na a long way to go before we start drinking these sodas at Less prices…

Although EABL’s intention is to eventually launch lower priced beer brands, the company is currently using the sorghum for its Senator Keg brand only.

Wapi Rapper?..Keg prices coming down

Aaaaaiiiiii Senator tena??? Ok…tutavumilia tu na hii bei…

Senator Keg and Senator Gold are purely made from sorghum

fact… inakuanga conc na tamu sana before watu wa club wa.dilute na maji