Billionaire of the year

Elaine Tettemer Marshall (born July 22, 1942) is an American billionaire as a result of an inheritance.

She owns the 16% beneficial interest in Koch Industries; formerly owned by her husband, E. Pierce Marshall, to whom she was married from 1965 until his death in 2006.

These shares were previously owned by her father in-law, J. Howard Marshall

Elaine is a member of the board of directors of Koch Industries since the 2006 with a net worth of $21.2 Billion

The Kenyan lie : Dynasties must fall!!

The reality : we all want to be billionaires with old money in our heritage down the line.

Reality hapa ni Huyu birrionaire alikua kunguru alipata pesa za mzee who inherited from his father

So in your view mama Ngina ni kunguru??! :smiley:

Kwani pesa zako unataka ziwachiwe nani??!

Ziwachiwe your parents and your brothers and your wife and kids left penniless???!

Behind every successful husband there is a woman, the wife. Kwani ulimwuoa wa nini?

Hajakuzalia? She is very much part of the success.

If you marry Bill Gates daughter, You will end up a birrionaire if she dies. The only thing you did ni ulipeana very good slices na lugha yako ya kuingiza dem box.

Hii ni shida husumbua waLuhya sana. Ati mali irudi kwa nyumba ya mzee. You see it even with senior guys like VP Wamalwa where his kids today lack school fees juu his siblings walichukua kila kitu. Yvonne even lacked good medical care.

Hio ni upus. Pesa wachia watoto wasome nayo. Wacha kutesa bibi bure.

Jomo died a multi millionaire. If you look at how his wife has diversified his portfolio it is just insane. And his kids are taking it to the next level. Despite the looting and all.

This Elaine Marshall owns 16 % of Koch industries together with her sons… shida iko wapi?!

My point is even broke men can be birrionaires from inheritance of father in law. Wewe uko biased. She inherited from her father in law it can work vice versa too

Kuna kunguru na kuna bibi. That is what you are not getting.

Bibi ni mtu unaoa mnapata family and you build the wealth together for many years. She is half of you.

Kunguru ni gachungwa uliokota kwa bar siku moja and she is in it for the wealth that you and your wife worked hard to get over many years of struggle.

Bibi ni kunguru pia if anagawa slices kwa ndume wengine bila permission :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

You are framing this story to achieve an objective.

First of all this lady is holding her husband’s wealth in trust with her sons. What is wrong with that?!

She was married to the guy for 41 years. Hio ni mali yake na mzee wake. They grew it together.

If Uhuru Kenyatta dies today hizo millions zake ni za Margret sio za Mama Ngina.

Mama Ngina may feel some type of way but as the martriach she has to accept reality. She can’t start demanding ati Margret should take her kids and go back to where she came from!

Hizo ni grounds for divorce. Na mnawachana if they are irreconcilable differences. Lakini pia watu husameheana kama mmeishi pamoja miaka mingi.

Do you know that the brother of Elaine husband and the wife of her father in law didn’t receive any wealth from her Father in law/ husband will.
Yeye ni kunguru because the brother of her husband was left out of the will na yeye aliwekwa kupata

Bro…sibling sio heirs. They are what you consider as “collateral heirs”. They inherit if the predecessor has no child or spouse.

@patco kunguru ni kunguru tu