Bill Gates: I dont know why COVID-19 cases still low in Africa
“We don’t have enough data yet to understand why the numbers aren’t as high as I worried they would get."

The son of the devil wanted all of us to die but we ain’t dying yet.

Africa has plenty of sunshine and people have black skin (melanin). These two combinations means our immune system is stronger.

Meanwhile 3750 American died Wednesday.
3900 yesterday the highest death toll of the pandemic

Black Americans wako na black skin mbona Covid inawabeba?

Bonobo medical theories. Rumuruti scientific research manenos.

Blac Americans wa America ndio wanamaliswa, junk food ndio zao. Wa kimilili wako ng’ang’ari

Hako kakitu kamebeba watu Kenya. Juzi kalibeba mzee, bibi yake, brother yake and one daughter is very sick all in the space of one month. China.

You realise that this claim can’t be found elsewhere besides that funny site? Conspiracy theorists got you hook and sinker.

Patco na hio miaka yako 55 anga 60 how are u still alive? Corona issa SCAM

Tingisha kichwa

Adaptation genius. Wewe after ulipiwe fare na shule si baridi ilikutandika day one but eventually ukaanza kutembea na spandex na vest ju ya kuzoea? Same reason those nigroes call africa “hot AF” ju hawawezani na jua ya 29°c,…oh sorry 84°F,its just simple logic

I was first to support that theory that Africans are tough until I saw what corona has done in Kenya. Kama haijakuguza shukuru Mungu.

Or whoever you atheists pray to.

:smiley: anyone who criticises @BBIsiMuhimu jamaa anaanza kufikiria ni mimi. I love it.

And he is wrong maybe I am 73 and not 55.

Wacha na hio Mizee ni kama he is always injected CNN propaganda everyday like cocaine. Sisi the brave ones tunaendelea na Maisha zetu bila wasiwasi.

lack of sunshine?

Very not true. There’s no correlation between dark skin and improved immunity.

Probably not. But how else can explain low deaths in the continent with the cash poor people in earth?

Profit of doom locally represented by ghaseer @uwesmake


We need to hear a few tackles before we close the year.