Hi guys,

im torn between afew bikes:-

  1. UM xtreet 180
    2)lifan 250 GY
    3)lifan 150
    4)raleigh rx 250
    5)raleigh 200 gy

The reason for tgis is my budget. Want to spend 200k max on the bike and 50k on gear.

There is so much to choose from. I want to start slowly riding in my hood then graduate to the roads. I used to ride mototrcross but stopped so i have an idea about bikes just not on the road.

Secondly, im torn between ‘‘street’’ bikes and enduro style bikes such as the raleigh bikes. I want something i can use on all terrains. In town and on out of town rides in rough terrain.

Hapa ni @introvert tu


Yenye haitaumiza balls ndio poa

Funny thing this is my next project. I have already set aside some 250k to buy a bike. Hii mambo ya traffic inasumbua sana.

Banish the idea of a Gixxer on that budget plus for the fact that you cannot off-road it.
Look for a Suzuki Djebel 250 or a Yamaha Raid 250 or Honda XR250.
When you want to upgrade you’ll be sure of market.
You can never go wrong with a good Japanese dual sport.

Samahani, wewe ni kurutu ama umeride ride kidogo?

Mimi ni kurutu ile mbaya but a fast learner. Naweza nunua kitu gani mzuri for 250k mkubwa?

mkubwa hiyo XR 250 inaezapatikana na 200k kweli?

Niko na kitu fiti but not ideal as a starter bike unless you’re level headed.

Itabidi kuongeza kidogo.
Not brand new though.

wekelea mbicha tusafishe macho nayo tafadhali.

Suzuki Impulse 400.

Dude, a motocross rider is very adept on the street.
It’s a special skill set.

not bad at all. Inakaa like some of those older models though.

hii inaeza offroad kweli?

The stock is street.
I’ve put dual sport tyres, elevated it, fitted a custom engine guard, put in a new engine and starter, upgraded battery to Passo size. This thing can do Enduro.

simama juu ya meza utaje beinione kama ntatia bidii kazini. narudia LETA BEI ASAP

What I settled on