Bike Rebuilding Projects

This guy posts entertaining and informative videos of his projects. Inspired to get into this as a hobby, once I gather the additional tools I need.

@introvert wewe pia fungua youtube channel

Am subscribed to him too. Him and his wife huwa pretty entertaining.Nilipenda the kawasaki rebuild series sana.

Unless you love engines to death… There’s a satisfying feeling watching someone who knows and loves what they do doing what they do, walk on water, kill doves and stuff.

About two years ago a then neighbour decided to buy a ramshackle with the plan to restore it back to some level of street-worthiness. Over the following many weekends he tirelessly worked on it until one day he realised that his was in fact not a car but a machine that could convert petrol into loud noise. He abandoned it. And by ‘abandon’ I mean he stopped working on it and eventually moved away leaving the petrol-to-noise converter behind.

The point am tryna make is it looks cool when passionate pros do it. The actual thing not so much. But good luck.

Excellent point. I have come to the conclusion that it’s better to save up and buy a high performance car than try build one.