Bigwigs, your help needed

Wadau, najua hii kijiji ina bigwigs or people who know or are close to bigwigs; or are influential. Tafadhali mnijenge nigrow pia.

If you know philanthropists-locally and internationally, and grant giving NGOs, mnijenge bana.

Plus grant writers/influencers-tunaweza ongea finders’ fee.

Need- funding or foot in the door towards funding. Or grant writer/nfluencer/finder…
Interest areas-economic empowerment for women, girls and youth, NCDs na Mental Health.

Yes, I’ve applied (some are promising) and continue applying for granting opportunities.

FYI- this is not a briefcase organisation but one with years of work that happens to have hit a rough patch, a very long dry spell.

I do not understand what you need.

Haujui process ya NGO funding

There’s a mzungu in Brussels that handles the grant application and reporting but anatakanga 30% ikipita. He only works with orgs with tajriba ya juu.

Now, I cannot help you …my anonymity is important

Unamaanisha? Refer to second last statement.
Pia, most funding now goes to familiar faces or through secondment.

Foot in the door/leg up kind of help with grant opportunities; alternatively, working with grant writers/influencers/finders to get funding.

How much do you need?

NGO IMO huwa money pits. Administration costs are usually more than the cause they are funding.

Anza hapo, organization efficiency na LEAN.

Kwanza soma hii thread alafu urudi urudi hapa


Ex wife wa Jeff Bezos anapeana funding bila kubagua.

The Recover Better Support Fund is a new fund, commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

It supports efforts designed and implemented in partner countries to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic with the goal of building more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable societies while advancing the 2030 Agenda. For that purpose, the Fund deploys two funding lines:

For More Information click below

I was enjoying it, but inaisha abruptly when he receives a call from APHIA PLUS. What happened next?

KES 3M to kick off
True. Ours is in the 15-25% range of total fund at any given time. Big orgs run at 40-80%. Pretext being staff deliver services.

Working on efficiency and LEAN (the Safcom restructuring got me interested in it)


I thought it’s restricted to the US of A.

Zande zana Elder. It expired though, so next time.