BIG QUESTION 02/11/2017

What will the Luo nation do when Uhuruto beats again Raila?

This time round the gloves are OFF mambo ya extending an arm of friendship has been misunderstood for cowardice.

Maraga made his bed.

Minority will NEVER rule majority. Even if they think they have a monopoly of violence.

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with what equation this time round?

chebukati gave someone a fake certificate…

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Maraga gave somebody false hopes.

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when is the election? What we know is that it will be before November

accept and move


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tukutane kwa debe

Si wailete kesho tumalizane mapema mapema

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Btw just to let people know, the law indicates it is within 60 days not after 60 days. So the elections could be even held tomorrow or early next month.


Mambo ya self-entitlement muwache. Anyone can rule kenya except al shabab

whoever wins, we all go back to our respective hustles and wait for the next elections to yap yap.

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That is what the law envisions which we know the reality is different. Its like saying anyone ought to be able to earn a decent living but is it practical in this universe?

Democracy is dictatorship of the majority. Someone must have numbers

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we will accept and move on. What will the Uthamaki nation do if Uhuru is defeated by Raila?

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There were 5 principles, now they are four and two failed to deliver.

We know what the Luo nation will do when they loose again. This time round no supreme court. It’s shoot to kill till they understand the meaning of PEACEFUL protest.

More body bags with bodies thrown onto hyacinth.

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A coin has two sides. When it flips, oh the hibbie jeebies!!!

Rift Valley walisema Raila tawe! Isaac hata yeye akatupwa nje. I wonder how Babuon will approach RV this time round, or he will give the region a wide berth?

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